Florida Independent Insurance Consultants


Paul Potter MBA, CFP®

Our name says it all.

We work for Floridians without being tied to any particular insurance company. We help you with Medicare, Medicaid, Individual Health Insurance plans and COBRA comparisons. Plus we use our same process to help with Life Insurance and Long Term Care Insurance. We are are located in Altamonte Springs Florida and are available to all Florida residents. Florida Independent Insurance Consultants prides itself on providing customized comparisons based on your unique situation and needs. We believe you make better decisions when you have the facts so we find the facts (do the leg work) to find your solutions and provide useful comparisons to your needs. Our offices are in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

A Consultative Approach:

Florida Independent Insurance Consultants believes in providing one on one personal services. We do not offer self service on the internet because we have seen too many times when that has gone horribly wrong. Instead, we work for you to make sure that you make decisions based on the facts pertinent to your situation. Further, we keep in touch to monitor their current needs.

We believe that important decisions have better results when you talk to experts that make sure you ask and answer all the important questions.

Unique Fiduciary Service:

By certification, we are required to put your needs above all. Ask our competitors if they are required to act as fiduciaries for your insurance. You will soon see how unique we are in the business. Our job is to improve your decision making process by applying industry knowledge to your situation and show and compare your options.  This is important given that there are additional penalties, taxes, and subsidies involved in your decision. Informed consumers recognize the need to consult with us regarding insurance decisions.


Surprisingly, you pay nothing just like with every other insurance agent. That is because insurance companies only pay advisors when your needs and their products align. Florida Law specifies that the cost is the same whether you find plans yourself or if you use an agent. So why wouldn’t you use an agent that is a fudiciary and an expert? We want to provide full service to you and become your trusted insurance advisor like we have for thousands of happy clients.  We believe we can help you, but if we can’t, we know we will not hurt you!

Give us a call at (321) 346-9996 to let us prove it to you!