7 Questions to Ask

When you are shopping for Medicare Health Insurance

  1. How many companies will the advisor compare for you? If only one company, you are missing a lot of options.
  2. How much am I prepared to pay out of my own pocket? Companies publish “Maximum Out Of Pocket” costs that show your worst case responsibility.  This is an important element of your consideration.
  3. Does the plan require referrals to see specialists? How easy is it to use a company’s insurance plan?  Some are easier than others, they are not the same.
  4. Are the doctors and hospitals I want in the Network? Providers outside the network do not have to see you.
  5. Are my drugs covered and how much will it cost me? Not all companies cover your drugs and they typically charge different prices.
  6. What Optional Coverage, if any, do I need? Dental, Vision and Hospital Indemnity Plans for example.
  7. Who do I call to get help? Don’t regret giving your information to some 800 number call center or an untouchable online agent that is probably not even in Florida.  Just Call – Paul Potter at 321-663-3017.  We can discuss your situation face to face, via phone or even online.  It is your choice.